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Event Venues Milan: The Top 25 for 2019

Event Manager Blog, website Made in USA and the first online resource for event professionals all over the world, has selected the 25 best locations in Milan for 2019.
The list of the US Blog divides the spaces into six categories and in the section of the most versatile locations in Milan there are 5 locations including TORNERIA TORTONA. The experts of Event Blog Manager have emphasized how the versatility of the spaces of this historic location, divided into 8 open spaces, adapt to events of all kinds. From business dinners to charity dinners, from temporary showrooms to fashion shows. From pop up stores to conferences. 1,600 square meters of locations redeveloped and obtained from an ancient industrial complex.
Inside Torneria Tortona there is still a small artisan workshop that since the 50s continues the ancient metalworking. This mix of tradition and innovation, past and future (following the tradition of the Tortona District, we talked about it here) gives a unique and original atmosphere that has allowed Torneria Tortona to enter the best 25 locations in Milan for 2019.
The name Torneria Tortona appers alongside spaces such as the Four Seasons Hotel Milano, Palazzo Parigi, Biblioteca Ambrosiana and Just Cavalli as one of the 25 best spaces in Milan where to organize an event for 2019. From United States to Italy the charm, historicity (we talked about it here), position in the heart of the international fashion and design center and above all the versatility of Torneria Tortona.
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