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CoontemporaryMood x Milano Fashion Week


The Milan Fashion Week 2019 ended and the Torneria Tortona location was, as in every edition, a protagonist hosting innovative brands and events in step with the times. The Fashion Week will certainly be remembered for the exciting tribute of Fendi to Karl Lagerfield as well as to the Gucci catwalk masks, the Moncler exhibition-event and new talents.

Talent about talent: during the Milan Fashion Week, Torneria Tortona hosted Coontemporarymood. A communication and marketing project created to give space to emerging designers and designers and to promote creativity through multiple channels, especially during events of a certain importance.

Coontemporarymood presents to the public, the press and professionals a selection of emerging designers, designers and stylists who want a selected, exclusive showcase with a strong identity for their collections. In this edition the exhibition space has been set up inside the post industrial and futuristic spaces of Torneria Tortona, in the center of the Zona Tortona. Directly in the heart of the international fashion center.

Contemporarymood, unlike many other companies in addition to the operators of the sector is also open to the public who can directly buy some products, choosing from a wide selection of clothes, accessories, design objects in preview and limited edition. In the Torneria Tortona spaces, newly born or emerging talents have been selected, presenting their craft collections to the public, operators and the specialized press. Among them JMonteiro, Nalù, Pokemaoke, Sweet Papillon, Terramia, TicerCrea.

The Coontemporarymood brand promotes the creativity of emerging designers and designers. The brand exploits at best a series of channels that go from the organization of fashion and trade show during the most characteristic events of the city of Milan (Milan Fashion Week and Milan Design Week) up to communication through social media marketing tools. Thus bringing the talent, the emerging and the innovation in the spotlight and stirring the rules and moods of an ever-changing world.