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What did the Fuorisalone 2018 leave us?


What did the Fuorisalone 2018 leave us?

The Design Week marked a new record of attendance with an increase in visitors in all the districts affected by the event. As every year, Torneria Tortona proves to be a point of reference for the Fuorisalone, hosting three brands: MINI, IMPRESS and ELITIS.

A lot of exhibitions and design installations have re-proposed models and trends far from the real needs of visitors. Otherwise, in the open space of via Tortona 32, MINI, in collaboration with the Studiomama, has developed Built by All, an installation that finally focus on people.

MINI has created an event that responds to the challenges of contemporary metropolises, combining innovation and intelligence in the use of space. In a frenetic context such as that of the Milan Design WeekMINI gives importance to the optimization of space. To re-evaluate what exists and to share the areas respecting each person's personalities.

Design Week is usually a showcase that increases the gap between exhibitors and spectators who are forced to appreciate products that they do not understand and that they would not use every day. MINI turns this concept on its head. People have become the protagonists in the development of design and fundamental subjects for the transformation of living spaces into functional spaces and at the same time in areas in which the occupants can identify themselves.

The experience area inside the location has allowed visitors to create their own living space vision by putting themselves at stake and having fun. Viewers are transformed into designers through models: a small area is used to create familiar and welcoming spaces thus meeting the needs of users in a sort of cooperation between architects and citizens. An exchange of ideas and an enhancement of spaces that reflects the philosophy of the brand. Cooperation, functionality and enhancement of the needs of individuals in a single installation that has attracted thousands of interested visitors and that has subverted the rules of an event that must not and can not be just a circuit in its own right.