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For those who want to organize an event, the choice of the place it's fundamental. Before even thinking about the promotion and communication it's necessary to study the location that best meets the needs of the event.

You can organize the event of the century but without the right location, which must be up to the situation, you risk ruining months of work with repercussions on the flow of people hosted, on the final judgment, on the investment and on the possibility of organizing similar events in the future.

The geographical position of the space to be rented is one of the points of reference to be taken into consideration during the initial design phases.

Choosing passage areas, well connected and inserted in a context that favors the success of the event, greatly helps the subsequent organizational steps. Choosing the right area for developing your project is paramount. It is therefore necessary to analyze the areas where there could potentially be participants of the event.

The capacity and flexibility of the spaces together with the attractiveness of the location are almost obligatory parameters that must influence the decisions regarding the selection of the final location. A space that tells a story and that has a past still visible in the structure makes the event itself exclusive and prestigious.

The perception that visitors will have of the location is a factor not to be underestimated that can affect the final result and the judgment that the participants will have about the proposed activities. A location that conveys a lived experience and on which original and particular installations are inserted is the ideal place for any organizer and for users.

In a city like Milan, always on the move, finding a location that meets these criteria and has the right mix of tradition and modernity is a difficult task. Torneria Tortona, as already recounted here, combines the typical atmosphere of the industrial period (still visible in the structure of the complex) and typical of the history of the Tortona Area with innovation and urban development. The spaces have indeed been redeveloped. Clean and total geometric lines and open-space open spaces blend with details and elements of industrial architecture.

The originality of a space is also an added value that makes the event unique, unique and unrepeatable. The presence of an ancient workshop, as a testimony of the workers' past of this fashion and design district, in a part of the Torneria Tortona complex (hence the name) makes the location unique in Milan and in the area.

Calling important guests, offering fun activities and using imaginative installations could not be enough to make a perfect event. The right location is the first step to take. That's why CHOOSE YOUR SPACE. The rest comes later ...