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THE STORY OF TORNERIA TORTONA. From craftsmanship to design. From metal to fashion.


TORNERIA TORTONA is a unique location in Milan. Its industrial spaces were part of a large complex that contained craft workshops, shops and homes in one of the largest industrial areas in Milan. Originally the location served as a storage area for horses and carriages. After the war the area became a real city in the city where everything revolved according to the work in the factory. On the ground floor of TORNERIA TORTONA there were laboratories for metalworking and warehouses, while on the upper floors you could admire the typical Milanese railing apartments with the workers' houses. Apartments of Ancient Milan

As a testimony of that period, the courtyard of TORNERIA TORTONA still preserves the original tracks through which the workers transported the metal from the convoys of the nearby Porta Genova Station into the warehouses and laboratories. The area, for a short period, became the seat of the student movements, while at the end of the 50s the Traviganti family began here its metal working activity becoming a respected company for its professionalism, experience and dexterity in an activity that the City of Milan has wanted to award, in 2014, the prestigious Ambrogino d'oro.

The award is a merit for the civic engagement of this place that evokes the ancient industrial soul of the city and that today is an expression of creativity, talent and design. An ancient tradition of manual processing of metal passed down from generation to generation for almost a century that today enriches the spaces.

The SilverTre laboratory occupies a part of the location, while the remaining spaces have been redeveloped and used as a showroom and atelier following the gentrification process that has led the Zona Tortona to become an internationally famous and sought-after international design and fashion center through events such as Milan Design Week and Fashion Week.

The spaces still reflect and maintain those post-industrial characteristics such as exposed trusses, high ceilings and wide skylights that filter the natural light enhancing the geometric and total-white details of an industrial space that over the years has seen workers and designers alternating, machinery for the processing of brass and fashion catwalks, metal plates and works of art. Works of art produced both by the artisan laboratory still in operation and hosted in the location for exhibitions by famous artists and international brands.

TORNERIA TORTONA, remains an important point of reference for Milan, a unique place that manages to blend together the history and tradition of craftsmanship with the continuous artistic research by designers, stylists and creatives. A place that must be preserved and better than any other testifies to the continuous changes in Milan.