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Sustainability in Tortona


Sustainability in Tortona

On Saturday 12 May Torneria Tortona hosted the Elfor Day 2018 event. An open day created by the Elfor company, leader in the distribution of renewable energy, to raise awareness of its brand and at the same time raise citizens' awareness of the issue of green power and sustainability.

The open day has integrated technical training with the knowledge and exchange of opinions on such an important issue for our future. The topics of the day are rotated intestinal to photovoltaics and electric mobility that today as never before are very valuable alternatives to traditional systems.

The meeting was a moment of deepening on renewable sources and therefore on the future of us all. The guests have been carefully chosen by Paolo Panighi, Elfor's CEO & Founder, to make the debate serious and competent on a subject that is so inflated and at the same time so little detailed. In fact, renewable energies are the most concrete and real testimony of the concept of sustainable development. A word used often but little understood. Renewable energies could potentially give rise to an energy revolution with a very positive economic and above all environmental impact. To get there, however, meetings like the one organized by Elfor are necessary to update the insiders and raise the awareness of the end users. The Tortona area, an avant-garde neighborhood in various fields, couldn't not hosted a similar debate of interest for the future of the community. Hoping that the future trand in the field of energy are increasingly linked to sustainability.

At closing the show of Germano Lanzoni, famous for his sketches in Milanese Imbruttito, has crowned the entire open day by linking the main theme of the day  with the city of Milan with all its contradictions and its facets as only he can do.